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    intro for teh lulz


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    intro for teh lulz Empty intro for teh lulz

    Post  LAZOROZAL on Sat May 07, 2011 5:07 pm

    LAZOROZAL yep thats me, rather odd name but none the less.
    ive been on this server for bout a week now,i think that its an excellent server, but this is about me. Razz
    so im 15 currently, living in mankato mn(and its flippin cold up here). not a huge sports fan but i am in highschool diving. and a very important thing about me. I AM A GAMER... for life, love games just got portal 2 bout 2 weeks ago What a Face . psn is still being retarded though Neutral , you wanna play playstation with me anytime after psn is fixed add me killer77ps tongue . i first got minecraft about 3 weeks after halloween, i wached X's minecraft adventures and had heard alot about the game. so i bought it 15$ and its been the best pc game ive ever played Very Happy . as you can probably tell by now i do enjoy talking/sharing with others. minecraft has been not only a game for me to play in, but also my artistic medium, within minecraft i have no rules, wanna build a house in a hour? go ahead. i think once i get a good computer i will start recording some stuff on the server^.^.
    so here is my intro, hope you guys like it because i might be here a while Shocked

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