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    Post  AndySniffums on Sun May 15, 2011 4:47 pm

    So Wassup Guys
    Name's Andrew, and I have probs the worst spelling and grammar on the server and this forum.
    Im totally gonna not listen to the intro requirments, just typing this shit for funz
    I'm 14 and Korean, Born in Quincy Massachussetts
    I have a youtube Channel So far I have over 20 vids about minecraft
    Currently I'm making an advanced tutorial on how to make an awesome pirate ship
    and Currently on the server I'm trying to make a new place called Pirate Bay
    What I have planned for Pirate Bay is a secret but just telling y'all There will be free stores, epic pirate ships, docks, places to build a home, right by the sea, port, dock, harbor, shit, etc and so on

    Later I'll make a new warp to a place called Volcano, Where Probs You can mine Netherrack, Glowstone, get lava, explore caves and so on, It'll be a warp from the spawn to a large Mineshaft (you get the picture)

    Thats it.. um I play the flute I fence, I like film, and visual arts, and I play starcraft as well, Last time I checked I was in the gold League for 4v4 and silver for 2v2 and I havent started 3v3 FFF, or 1v1.

    Starcraft now might have gone to season 3 and above or something cause I haven't PLayed it in such a while

    So thats basically it, If you can check out my Channel Stormy311Productions on Youtube That would be nice. And thats it, See y'all

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