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    Post  Kein on Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:20 pm

    Name - Kein

    Age - 15 (going on 16 in july )

    Why do you want the position you're applying for? - Moderator

    What do you think sets you apart from everyone else applying for this position? - Err.. I hate greifers and i can fuck with peoples minds pretty good.

    Are you humble, modest, and able to handle a position of power without putting yourself on a pedestal? - Yes, i won't idolize myself among any lower class and i will show respect to those who show me respect.

    Are your best interests in the involvement, promotion, and betterment of MC Poliice? Yes.

    Do you meet our requirements for staff? [Active Poster/Player, Passion for Minecraft, etc] -
    I play pretty much everyday since its summer, and i'm getting pretty good at building so i supposer i have a passion of sorts..

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