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    arturich [BANNED]


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    arturich [BANNED] Empty arturich [BANNED]

    Post  arturich Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:06 pm

    my minecraft username arturich.
    i was banned on your server Police MC server version 1.8 Crying or Very sad
    that was very good server and we was played there a lot ( we : xXArturikXx , coolvanka , annu3 , catnib )
    we had a very good house ( but server map was been updated and now its gone )
    i was been banned for brocking a mushroom on the spawn i needed to check are the big mushrooms dropping something and broked that
    i am very sorry i thinked that i can just replace it, i will make a new mushroom there but plz unban me i would like to play witch my friends again.
    it was my favorite server. We dont want to find another that was perfect
    I am sorry.
    ( i can build something good : like town or something like that )

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