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    Jakeszen's Moderator Application


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    Jakeszen's Moderator Application Empty Jakeszen's Moderator Application

    Post  jakeszen Sun May 15, 2011 3:46 pm



    Because after playing on the server for some time, I am appalled by the considerable griefing on the server, and wish to help end that. In addition, I feel that I would be a helpful person who would remove some strain from you and the other moderators.

    My creative and dedicated mindset, which causes me to never forget what I owe to the server, in terms of policing and creating. I have big plans of creating interactive games, such as an archery target range and a dunk tank, which I am already prototyping.

    I am able to handle the temptation of power, while at the same time making the most of my power to assist in the betterment of the server. I have good people skills, and want to make MC Poliice a fun and inviting server for everyone, not just mods.

    My only interests in this server are for it's betterment, and I would do everything in my power to encourage that. This is the only server I use, and I would dedicate much of my spare time to it, including the assisstance in many structures for the MC Poliice community to enjoy.

    I am a frequent visitor of the server, and have a true passion for Minecraft, as will be clearly evident by the large contributions I will make to the server. Among them will be an arena, carnival, art, etc.

    I hope you will seriously making me a mod, because I feel like I would make massive contributions to the community.

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