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    mod aply form Pickledhob


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    mod aply form Pickledhob Empty mod aply form Pickledhob

    Post  pickledhob on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:41 pm

    name=John W

    ok so no clue how to do this but i would like to be a mod.
    What do i have that makes me good at it? - i go on every day.
    this is the only server I really play on and i LOVE it.
    I would work only on what needs to be done and not abuse my authority as a mod.
    i have been on this server for 3 months and now have many things.
    Last week my house got badly grieved and i feel sorry for the others
    that have been grieved.i would use this privilege to better this server.
    i play on this server around 20 hours a week.
    please consider.
    ps there is probably a temp-let for this but well. Very Happy

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