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    My mod application


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    My mod application Empty My mod application

    Post  LAZOROZAL on Sat May 07, 2011 12:18 am

    Well here we go, my name is LAZOROZAL,or peder, or Jenny...i guess anyway here's the application

    I am currently 15

    I want to be a mod because I feel that it will give me further tools to be more creative and better the server for others to enjoy.

    If given the tools and ranking of a moderator I will not abuse my powers to give an uneven and biased edge towards other players, but continue to make the game fun.

    I feel that the way I approach and visualize different aspects of the game gives me a different level and I also enjoy working with others.

    If given moderator status or not my main goal in this server is to make it an enjoyable,safe, and interesting world to play within. If given the status I will be able to take this idea and make brilliant structures for the people of the server.

    Now, while I am rather new to the server and I don't play a lot on the weekdays I absolutely LOVE minecraft. To me it s my expressive artistic medium, where I can socialize and enjoy time with others. I think I would be a great mod.

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