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    MY application for Mod


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    MY application for  Mod Empty MY application for Mod

    Post  HaseoLieksDyzj on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:22 am

    Name -

    Real Name? No pm for it

    HaseoLieksDyzj is my minecraft user

    Age -

    16 honestly

    Born 1995 March 2nd

    Why do you want the position you're applying for? -

    Because the Moderaters on the sever are a bit blind no offense and i have been annoyed without reason and killed repeatedly and would love to stop that and I would love help and so forth.

    What do you think sets you apart from everyone else applying for this position? -

    Are we diffrent on the outside...not really but the inside we are....

    why i would be diffirent....i would actually moderate.

    Are you humble, modest, and able to handle a position of power without putting yourself on a pedestal? -

    Yes, yes ,yes and ,yes Untill you break the fine string...I am very reasonable...

    Are your best interests in the involvement, promotion, and betterment of MC Poliice?

    Are you kidding? this is the only sever i love <3

    Do you meet our requirements for staff? [Active Poster/Player, Passion for Minecraft, etc] -

    F**K YEAH......Passion of Minecraft beats my passion to fap at night...*cough*

    I love you guys

    ~ HaseoLieksDyzj

    Peace Out

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