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    Mod application


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    Mod application Empty Mod application

    Post  SweetOs on Tue May 17, 2011 9:50 pm

    Olivier (the french way)



    If someone asks me to look at something i will ALWAYS stop what im doing and go see
    I think im humble i wouldnt abuse my powers but i would say something like By the MOD powers in me... which dosent seem that bad and its not like im the only mod
    id love to help this server because the people are nice, has no lag, and pretty much lets you do anything, being promoted to admin would be great but before that mod comes first. ill be on every weekend but not a lot during the week and minecraft is like the only thing i do on the computer now and i love to make people laugh so ask you to promote me please. I dont really want wand it just seems that theres no mods or admins when im on and people are always complaining about getting griefed. so yeah

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