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    mod application (correct version w/ template)


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    mod application (correct version w/ template) Empty mod application (correct version w/ template)

    Post  ash382 on Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:39 pm

    sorry, I didn't notice the template!
    Name - Ash382 (Alex is my real name)

    Why do you want the position you're applying for? - I would like the mod position because I really hate greifers and I would like to help people that would like help.

    What do you think sets you apart from everyone else applying for this position? - I have been here a long time, and have always loved the server. I have been a mod before... learned the most essential stuff needed, and having it taught me a lot of things. I have learned from my (very stupid) mistakes, and I am sure I won't make anymore. I think I can help mc poliice a lot, without being that mod that everyone hates.

    Are you humble, modest, and able to handle a position of power without putting yourself on a pedestal? -Yes, who like's those kind of people?

    Are your best interests in the involvement, promotion, and betterment of MC Poliice? Yes, and I am still without being a mod. Being a mod for me is just a opportunity to further the advance of Mc Poliice.

    Do you meet our requirements for staff? [Active Poster/Player, Passion for Minecraft, etc] - I really love minecraft and am on mc poliice whenever I am on Minecfraft, I am on Mc Poliice.

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