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    Mod Application; user: pfe8


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    Mod Application; user: pfe8 Empty Mod Application; user: pfe8

    Post  pfe8 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:50 pm

    Name -Justin Fair

    Age - 12.5 years of age.

    Why do you want the position you're applying for? - I want mod status to improve the server help people in need and keep the server safe from griefers.

    What do you think sets you apart from everyone else applying for this position? - I love to help people but i still respect the rules. I have a very powerful imagination and I love to make amzing things for all to enjoy.

    Are you humble, modest, and able to handle a position of power without putting yourself on a pedestal? - I have to be honest i am alittle bossy at times but im usually not. I have to admit I dont really know what modest means I think it means truthful so ill have my answer as that. I hate to lie and i obey the rules, and can I handle a position of power? I sure can.

    Are your best interests in the involvement, promotion, and betterment of MC Poliice? I want this server to flourish and become one of the best. If it were to go broke i would donate again to save it from being gone forever. The server has pretty good control over the griefers and i hope the server never dies.

    Do you meet our requirements for staff? [Active Poster/Player, Passion for Minecraft, etc] - My Passion for Minecraft in my way of saying it. Minecraft is a game were your imagination can flourish. Its not all about killing and destroying like most other games but its about building and expressing yourself through the very blocks around you./ I play Minecraft every chance I get and I jjust can stop playing its just so much fun. I play Only on Mc Poliice And its just so much fun.


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